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If Buying Condoms Was Like Buying Birth Control

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“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”

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lol grammar puns

I laughed too much at this

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willy wonka and I are one

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i wanna look like someone who can cut you but still bakes cookies in her spare time

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“It’s funny
the marks you made.
Some are very literal
like the spot of mud
on the heel of my right Converse
from where you stepped on me
(I think it was on purpose)
or the bracelet you ripped
(on accident).
But some
aren’t literal at all
like the way my heart clenches
every time someone says your name
or how looking at you simply hurts
this dark place inside of me
or how you’re the first thing
I think of when I zone out in English class.
Truth is,
you left your mark
in more ways than one.”

—   a.r. (via auztralea)